Famous Fingers Collection

Latex gloves men might actually want examining their rectum.

Hall of Famers. Presidents. Musicians. They’re all here. And we’re testing to see if their fingers are famous enough to get you checked. Because it just might save your life.

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Famous fingers

See how the testing is going.

Is there a finger famous enough to get you tested?

Babe Ruth famous finger the famous finger of Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth

His finger called the shot. Next up, your prostate?

Frankenstein’s Monster famous finger the famous finger of Frankenstein’s Monster

Frankenstein’s Monster

His finger frightened the villagers. Next up, your prostate?

Paul Bunyan famous finger the famous finger of Paul Bunyan

Paul Bunyan

His finger tamed the blue ox. Next up, your prostate?

Napoleon Bonaparte famous finger the famous finger of Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte

His finger invaded Europe. Next up, your prostate?

Abraham Lincoln famous finger the famous finger of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

His finger wrote the Gettysburg Address. Next up, your prostate?

Ghengis Khan famous finger the famous finger of Ghengis Khan

Ghengis Khan

His finger conquered China. Next up, your prostate?

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